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Setting: The Council's Midwest HQ

The Council's Midwest HQ shows up quite a bit in the Odeum Series. It's one of the most revisited locations in the entire story. This blog will be more of a picture book. Items that I drafted for imagery for the location, as well as imagery that I found that helped me describe the setting in detail.

Exterior and Parking Garage

This photo is similar to what the exterior of The Council's HQ might look like in real life. On the lower right you can see an entrance to a parking garage. That entrance would be there, but instead of the left side office spaces, the garage would continue up and the offices would continue behind the front of the building. The glass would also be heavily tinted to prevent sunlight from getting into the building.

HQ Exterior

The Entry

This entry was created completely from my imagination. Depicted below is a rough outline of what the entryway to the Midwest HQ would look like, including:

  • The stone tablet displaying The Tenets in the center.

  • The double doors to the court room on the left.

  • The second level that leads to Gerard's office and to the third level where the server/ SIM room is located.

  • The security door to the right of the room that leads to the stairwell connecting the prison and the parking garage.

  • The breakroom entrance nestled between the stairs.

  • The hallway in the back left that leads to the blood bank.

Entryway in HQ

The Tribunal Room

This room is the court room seen in book one where Kaylie makes her stand. This photo is as close as I could get to the book's description.

Tribunal Room

Gerard's Office

The photo below is a photobash of Gerard's office.

Gerard's Office

HQ Server/SIM Room (third floor)

HQ Server/SIM Room

Prison Beneath HQ

HQ Prison

HQ Break Room

HQ Breakroom

HQ Blood Bank

HQ Bloodbank

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