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Revisiting Odeum

So far in the story you've met the core protagonist group; Kaylie, Jas, Anna, Gerard, Agmes, John, Halifax, and Artemis, along with the antagonist Acillius. But what does a small town girl who goes to act at a theater in Indiana, an accountant turned vampire, and the characters they have encountered, have anything to do with anything? Well, this series' events are a long line of dominos that began falling before Kaylie ever existed. It is a mobius loop of "chicken and egg", where the end result is the fallout of mistakes and the retribution of ancients that have yet to join our story. It touches on Armageddon and our protagonists attempt to revert its course.

The first two books introduce the world and its own bubbles:

-The normal mortal world; ignorant of the existence of vampires

-The outcasts of vampire society and their nests

-The reigning shadow government of The Council; most vampires outside of the organization do not know of its existence, and those that do loathe its people and their despotism.

Book three, Crossing of Eurydice, will explore the "bubble" of The Order of the Rising Sun and follow a new protagonist, Roslyn. Roslyn's story will follow the Hero's Journey arc and introduce readers to the much darker depths of the Odeum universe's lore. You will learn secrets that characters from Odeum and The Keeper have not yet had revealed to them and explore new adversities that will challenge our future heroine. Readers will also get to see Roslyn meet some members of the "protagonist gang" and watch them work together, building the beginnings for book four.

A reader once asked me, "E.A., this is kind of wild, do you know how you're going to tie it together and where this is going?" The answer is "yes." Books three and four are completely outlined. All that I need to do is finish writing the story in "book form" I have a clear ending to the book that will neatly wrap up arcs and bring closure to the chaos. I know the host of characters and backstory, along with lore can be suspicious but I have been writing out ends, cleaning up details and discussing future progression with a group to ensure that I didn't write myself into a corner.

About book four, the final book in the Odeum series. I will say this: it will be the longest book in the series. So look forward to some interesting turns and twists in book three because it will be building something fantastic for book four. I also have the title and book cover prepared. For now, stay tuned for updates on book three and have fun reading!

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