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Meet: Kaylab Lennox

Kaylab Lennox, photo generated by
Kaylab Lennox

Born and raised in Medeival Scotland, Kaylab Lennox owned a small farm outside Dumbarton during the reign of William the Lion. His maker was Acillius. Shortly after becoming a vampire, he returned home against his maker's wishes and brought his two sons, Agmes and Lance, across.

Centuries later, when he and those who were traveling with him settled in America, Kaylab strikes a deal with Jauq Maures to allow for a theater to be built on the land that their underground tomb resides in. Kaylab works as the head of makeup and costume in the theater and is the patriarch for the nest. His motives in Odeum are driven by his controlling nature. He does not usually take advice from the residence of his nest, and allows his strategies to be molded by the fear of his kin being found out.

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