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Working on Book 3: Crossing of Eurydice (a teaser)

I've been working on the next part of the Odeum series: Crossing of Eurydice. The title and story was inspired by the tragic Greek love story of Orpheus and Eurydice. The third book will tie in other pieces of Kaylie's story from the first two books Odeum and The Keeper and will continue to build the momentum behind the story as whole. Readers will be introduced to Roslyn Davenport, a project manager with a fiery temper and her much loved husband Mitchell Davenport.

Roslyn's work day gets thrown off when she loses her temper in a meeting with project stakeholders. She is then reprimanded by her boss and suspended from work for two weeks. In an effort to make the evening more relaxing, Mitchell offers to go pick up pizza. What begins as an evening to unwind, becomes a nightmare for Roslyn when she gets a knock at the front door from a police officer who reports that Mitchell has died in a car accident. Unconvinced by the faulty story, Roslyn starts to investigate only to discover that Mitchell may not be dead.

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