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Setting: Kaylie's Apartment in Indiana

The depiction below is the closest that I could come to the book's description, with the room builder that I used. The floor plan below should give readers an idea of what the layout of Kaylie's apartment in Indiana looked like. Per the book, the apartment is described as:

"...Her cramped living room was packed with worn hand-me-down furniture: a small box TV, a plywood coffee table, a red and green tartan couch, a tan folding chair, and a stained green lazy boy. The kitchen was joined with the living room and only had a gray mini fridge, a small gray stove, and a white microwave, which were given to her by her cousin a couple years prior, when she moved in. Kaylie was not one for interior decoration, especially not in her bedroom. It hosted a small bathroom with a bile-pink sink. A baby blue bathtub that matched her comforter and bed sheets, and a neon green toilet with pink flowers on the seat. She painted the toilet herself..."

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