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Meet: Jauq Maures Wellington

Jauq Maures Wellington, photo by

The owner of the Indiana theater in Odeum, Jauq Maures' true love lies with the performing arts. His passion for the arts was his motivation for building and running the theater. It provided a place for him to live vicariously through the success of his performers and staff.

At the beginning of Odeum, construction of the theater was delayed multiple times due to vandalism of equipment at the site. When security is hired to prevent the destruction of equipment and materials, members of the night-shift security team go missing, only to be found the next morning away from their posts, disoriented and with no memory of what happened to them on duty. Jauq decides to investigate on his own. He discovers that Kaylab and his nest of vampires have been the ones responsible for the vandalism. Jauq struck a deal with Kaylab Lennox to allow for the completion of the theater. This agreement holds for years until both sides grow tired of the stipulations of the arrangement.

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