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Meet: Jas O'Shire

During the opening of Odeum we meet Jas, Kaylie Lynn's love interest. He is introduced as affectionate and loving, but we learn that he has a jealous streak and a tendency to be vindictive. Jas was born in Ireland in the late 17th century and turned in the winter of 1707 by Agmes Lennox. His best friend is Koen (Chase); they grew up together and had lived through two centuries together in the Lennox nest.

As Odeum progresses we see Jas' character change; this growth is heavily influenced by Kaylie's development. The two are intertwined in more ways than one in the series and often have their backs to each other as they face challenges in their story. Jas' arc about redemption, but about personal growth from the reckless and envious person he was.

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