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E.A. Logan, author of the compelling series Odeum.



E.A. Logan published the first of the Odeum series in May of 2020 while also working on finishing the second book, The Keeper. She began working on the series in 2007 and after a decade of developing the story and characters she brought it to a friend who encouraged her to finish the first book.

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Kaylie Lynn leaves home after high school to pursue her dream of acting in theater. She is chosen by the theater owner, Jauq Maures, to join a prestigious program for up-and-coming actors in Park Ridge, Indiana. While there, Kaylie falls for a handsome fellow actor named Jas, only to discover he is a vampire living with others of his kind beneath the theater. When a series of events forces the vampires to vacate the theater, Kaylie finds herself entangled with a shadowy vampire government known as The Council. Accused of associating with vampires, Kaylie must navigate the dangerous world of The Council while trying to rebuild her life from the ashes. Can she escape their clutches and reclaim her future?


The Keeper. The second book of the Odeum series brings you the flip-side of Kaylie's story. The dark machinations of The Council and the polarizing actions of one of it's Magistrates throws those involved into a series of catastrophes. 

Anna wakes up not knowing who she is or what events have transpired to leave her, sitting in the dark, with a man she doesn't recognize. Her memories begin to unfurl, and she discovers that she has become part of a new world. She questions herself in an effort to learn about who she is and what her purpose is in this new existence. In her journey she is guided by Gerard, whom she calls The Keeper. He struggles to balance his focus on a bizarre investigation while trying to help Anna adjust to her new life. Gerard and Anna must navigate through the toxic political mechanisms of The Council and investigate a long list of treachery, lies, and deceit in order to solve the Odeum case.

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Crossing of Eurydice

Crossing of Eurydice is the third book of the Odeum series that ties additional events into books 1 and 2.

Roslyn, is a hot-headed business-analyst, recently suspended from work. Mitchell, her husband, suggests that he brings home pizza for a comforting dinner. When he leaves to retrieve it, he never returns home. The police arrive at Roslyn’s door and inform her that Mitchell has died in a car accident, but something is off about the officer and his story. Roslyn embarks on an investigation to discover what happened to her husband...

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