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E.A. Logan, author of the compelling series Odeum.



E.A. Logan published the first of the Odeum series in May of 2020 while also working on finishing the second book, The Keeper. She began working on the series in 2007 and after a decade of developing the story and characters she brought it to a friend who encouraged her to finish the first book.

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The first release of the Odeum series. Book 1 is a prelude to the fantastical chaos of the mortal realm and vampires.
A young woman, Kaylie, leaves home after high school to join a pre-college program for acting at a theater in Indiana. Soon she discovers that the theater is inhabited by vampires. When they discover that she cannot be hypnotized and one of them falls for her. This forbidden communication between vampires and mortals is discovered and kicks off an unpredictable domino effect.


Check out the latest work by E.A. Logan: The Keeper. The second book of the Odeum series brings you the flip-side of Kaylie's story. The dark machinations of The Council and the polarizing actions of one of it's Magistrates throws those involved into a series of catastrophes.


Crossing of Eurydice

Roslyn is a hot-headed business-analyst working for a software development company. Her temper gets her into hot water and suspended from work. Mitchell, her husband, suggests that he pick up some pizza but he never comes home. The police arrive at her door to tell her that her husband has died, but something isn't right about the officer or his story. Roslyn embarks on an investigation to discover what happened to her husband and ends up uncovering a sinister conspiracy...

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